Vision Technology

20/20 EyeCare now has the power to diagnose many eye conditions earlier, and more accurately, than nearly any other healthy care facility in Western Colorado. We offer an advanced vision technology scanning system called Cirrus OCT that diagnoses a wide range of eye care symptoms.

Technology to Detect Eye Diseases

Optos: We offer the Optomap Ultra-wide digital retinal imaging system. It allows our doctors an unprecedented view of your eye health. Problems ranging from Diabetic eye disease, retinal detachments to a possible melanoma are handled with ease.

Zeiss Visual Field Analyzer: 20/20 EyeCare uses the culmination of 25 years of research, design and clinical experience in the HFAII. It is considered the “Gold Standard” in glaucoma management but can also be used to diagnose certain neurological conditions like MS, tumors or a stroke.

Cirrus OCT: With world class Zeiss optics our tomographer captures spectacular images second to none. The newest software upgrades allow us to monitor macular degeneration and glaucoma with unparalleled accuracy.

NCT (The Puff Test): 20/20 has even upgraded to the newest technology for measuring intraocular pressure. Using the Reichert 7CR we can achieve a clinically superior measurement even in people who suffer from glaucoma or have had previous eye surgery, like LASIK. It is more comfortable for everyone in that it uses less than ½ the air pressure of previous models.

Automatic Refractor and Keratometer: Do you hate the repeated questions of “which is better 1 or 2?” Even before you see your doctor we will already know a lot about you using the latest technology from Nidek. The ARK560A uses a new technique called Pupil Zone Imaging. It gives us a great starting point to begin the examination and also measures the shape of your eye and other gathers other data in the blink of an eye.

Cirrus OCT Digital Imaging

The Most Advanced Retinal Scan Available! 20/20 EyeCare now has the power to diagnose many eye conditions earlier, and more accurately, than nearly any other health care facility in Western Colorado. We offer an advanced scanning system called Cirrus OCT™ that diagnoses a wide range of eye conditions.

Cirrus OCT™ produces highly detailed images of the retina. It’s the only instrument that can “see” below the surface of the retina and examine the retinal layers. Cirrus OCT™ never touches the eye, so there’s no discomfort. It is also safe and requires only minutes to scan the eye.

20/20 EyeCare uses these breakthrough images to detect very early glaucoma and other abnormalities of the retina, including detached retina, macular holes, age-related macular degeneration (AMD), and much more.

On-Site Lab

Our lab technologies include a Coburn generator that’s used to surface lenses to tolerances within one-tenth of a millimeter. We also use Santinelli and Optronics edging equipment for precision lens cutting within one-tenth of a millimeter or less. Dr. Zilm also developed a custom computer application that calculates lens surface and generation for the highest level of accuracy.

And we produce more than just glasses. We create custom prescription scuba mask inserts, electricians’ glasses (bifocals top and bottom), racquetball and other sports eyewear, prescription lenses for many kinds of sunglass frames, and special lenses for alternate uses.

Whatever type of eyewear you need – we can make it!

VisiOffice Progressive Analyzer

This digital device demonstrates lens features including weight and thickness of lenses, safety features, anti-glare and tinting options. Using digital imaging technology, you can demonstrate various frame options and using the photos, decide which frame looks best and fits best. Finally, this device accurately measure the patient features for lens and frame alignment. This greatly reduces adaptation difficulties and lens misalignment formerly problematic with progressive-style bifocal lenses. 20/20 EyeCare is the only optical retailer utilizing this technology on the western slope.

Digital Pupillary Distance Ruler

This digital device most accurately measures the distance between a patient’s pupils. This vital measurement is then used to design the lens layout individual to each patient providing a natural, comfortable fit in glasses.

Electronic Health Records

Our optical store utilized electronic health records which greatly reduces paper use and waste and also allows for instant access to prescription information from exams performed at 20/20 EyeCare Even if you’ve never had an exam here, we can fill your outside prescription if you bring in your written prescription. Finally, electronic medical records secure your personal and medical information, ensuring that access is only available to employees on a need-to-know basis.

Topcon Lens Analyzer

This digital analyzer provides instant verification of the prescriptions of a lens or set of lenses. Within seconds, the optician can verify that the lenses created for you match exactly what was prescribed within 1/8th of a diopter.

Progressive & Transitions Demonstrator Tools

The Progressive demo tool allows our certified opticians to show his/her patients how progressive lenses look and function. You can walk around and experience progressive technology before you buy it. The Transitions demonstrations device shows you how transition-style lenses function indoors and in direct sunlight allowing our patients to make well-informed decisions about their lens choices.

Acrobat Low Vision Reader

For those who are visually impaired, the Acrobat is one of the most advanced magnifying technologies available today while also being one of the simplest to use! The Acrobat low vision reader is our most flexible device for seeing at any distance. Just point the camera at what you want to see. Use it up close like a mirror for applying make-up or other personal grooming, or for magnifying things further away.