On-Site Lab

Our certified opticians can fulfill many prescriptions right here from our on-site lab in Glenwood Springs. We can produce everything from prescription glasses to highly technical sunglasses, shooting glasses, prescription safety goggles, and binoculars. We can produce over 99% of all the eyeglasses needed by the world’s population!

Our lab is the only lab on the Western Slope capable of making glass lenses as well as ultra-thin, durable plastic lenses. We can also drill on-site for rimless frames. Dr. Zilm developed a custom computer application that calculates lens surface and generation for the highest level of accuracy.

We produce more than just glasses. We create prescription electricians’ glasses (bifocals top and bottom), sports eyewear, prescription lenses for many kinds of sunglass frames, and special lenses for alternate uses.

Whatever type of eyewear you need – we can make it!

Lens Center

We prescribe digital single vision and multifocal lenses from the leaders in free-form technology, including Varilux, Zeiss, Shamir and more.

  • Polarized Sun Lenses block reflected sunlight, which causes disabling glare when outdoors. These are the best driving lenses and they are especially good for water sports like fishing.
  • Transitions can sense the amount of sunlight and automatically darken or lighten to make your eyes feel comfortable in all environments. They are available in three different configurations.
    • TRANSITIONS offer a very clear lens indoors with a variable tint outdoors for maximum comfort and convenience.
    • TRANSITIONS XTRACTIVE offer some in-car activation, reduce glare, and are the darkest outdoor tint in the line.
    • And the new TRANSITIONS VANTAGE ADAPTIVE lens is the first and only everyday photochromic lens that is virtually clear indoors. They also darken AND polarize outdoors for noticeably crisper vision in a wide range of lighting conditions!
  • Crizal eliminates lens reflections to make your lenses appear invisible and improve your night vision by removing halos and starbursts from around lights. They also offer better scratch protection and can reduce distracting glare seen when working at your computer, mobile device or tablet. Available in:
    • Crizal EASY (basic AR with Scratch Protection)
    • Crizal ALIZE’ (More durable scratch resistance)
    • Crizal AVANCE with 3M SCOTCHGUARD (all of the above features, with an oleophobic top layer for fingerprint repulsion and great cleanability). Crizal makes any Rx lens the best you can get!
  • DriveWear Transitional Sunglass Lenses for those in-between sunny and cloudy days.
    • Shamir Lenses: Recreating perfect vision.
    • PolyCrizal Lenses: Live life in the Clear!
  • High index plastics will make your lenses thinner and lighter than regular plastic materials.
  • Wrap Optimized Digital Single Vision and Progressive Lenses. Have your eyes on a pair high-wrap sunglasses, like Oakley or Maui Jim, but need a Rx lens that can deliver clarity? We are able to fill most of these requests using lenses which not only give correction, but also the compensation needed to achieve clarity in a high-wrap. It is the same technology that Oakley, Maui, and many other sport driven companies use in their own Rx departments.
  • Task Specific Lenses. Are you a painter? An orchestra conductor? How about an air traffic controller? When you think about it, these folks need lenses that achieve clarity at a distance not usually considered in a standard multifocal lens. Using Essilor’s COMPUTER, and Shamir’s AUTOGRAPH OFFICE lenses, we can bring ultimate usability to patients with not-so-normal work terminals or hobbies that require customization. You tell us if you are sitting or standing, moving or static, looking straight, up, or down, and how far to your station, and we can deliver a custom lens that WILL be better for your specific task than anything you have ever worn.
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