Top 4 Reasons to Get a Vision Checkup Before School Starts

Kids grow up fast. They change constantly. Clothes that fit last winter are two sizes too small now. Childhood growth spurts are just part of growing up. And as kids mature – sometimes too quickly – their needs change as well. And as your kids grow and change, a back-to-school vision checkup becomes even more important.

As we contemplate the beginning of yet another school year, many of us take stock of the back to school challenges, including: updating the wardrobe, spending too much on new shoes, picking up the right school supplies, figuring out how to get across the river after bridge construction starts and paying all the fees associated with a new school year.

One task that is often omitted from this list though, is an eye exam. Good vision allows the best learning to take place. Even if the kids don’t see immediate value in getting an eye exam, it is important that each student has great vision so that he or she has the best possible opportunity for success in the new school year.

So as we get ready for the new year, here are our top four reasons for getting your kids a vision checkup before school starts. A back-to-school vision check:

Getting ready for the school year requires a vision checkup!

1. Enables Good Learning

Good vision simply helps kids to learn. Poor vision and eye strain lead to headaches and discomfort. Any additional discomfort is something to be avoided – especially with all the pressures of a new school year. Seeing information presented on small electronic screens, books and classroom presentations all require the best possible vision.

2. Helps in Sports and Extracurricular Activities

Kids love their activities. Studies have shown that participating in interests outside school can improve classroom performance. Good vision is essential to both athletic and non-athletic outside activities.

3. Provides Early Detection and Prevention of Future Vision Problems

Although no parent wants their children to face up to vision issues, it is always better to know about problems sooner rather than later. A regular vision checkup each year before school also serves as a long term vision health evaluation. This can identify problems early or let you sleep at night knowing all is well.As studies increase in level of difficulty, good vision becomes even more important

4. Completes One Task Before the Bridge Closes

One of the advantages of getting the eye exam done before school starts is… you don’t have to take the kids out of school to get one done later! And doing it now ensures you won’t be stuck in the car trying to cross the Colorado from West Glenwood. Scheduling the annual checkup before school starts eliminates one job from the parental schedule and gets it all done before the Great Bridge Closure of 2017.

Parents have plenty of jobs to do once the school year kicks off. Checking an annual eye exam off the list before school starts gives your kids every chance to enjoy the academic year. To schedule your vision and eye checkup, just contact us! Check out our specials on kid’s eyewear, starting at $99.00! We carry Disney, Converse, Laura Ashley Girls and many more kid-friendly brands.